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"When I and Brad started Se7en, we were on the streets of LA. Nobody cared. Two weeks in, there’s 25 girls at the end of the street. Five weeks in, there’s 200. It was during that time he went from having enormous potential to being Brad Pitt. Him and Angie, people go batshit over them. Thank God they each have someone who understands!" 

Q: Do you have plans to work again with Brad?
Fincher : Yeah, I’d love to. As one would imagine, he’s a busy fucker.

(via his latest Gone Girl interview by magazine Total Film)

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Jolie-Pitt family (2008-2014).

"We made a decision to have a big family and support each other to make it work." -Angelina Jolie

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WOW <3

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i can’t get enough of this picture <3 i love it <3

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